“The breadth and depth of information in this course is imperative to understand in order to work as a paralegal. Computers are everywhere in all aspects of our lives, especially in the legal environment. It makes legal research and writing a much less daunting task.”

-R. K. - Georgia Southern University

“The best part of this course was it’s an online program. With my husband being deployed and me moving a lot, it was really helpful that I can do my classes anywhere as long as there's internet. With all the information I've learned, I can be an efficient and effective Medical Office Assistant.”

-E. R. - Towson University

“This course covered of all aspects involved in the Solar Systems installation process. The inclusion of areas such as physical construction and electrical interconnection along with economic and ecological aspects made it an all-encompassing study involving the whole process.”

-T.H. - Anne Arundel Community College

“The best part of the Start Your Own Business program was learning all about the different parts of a business plan and actually doing my own business plan. Learning about operating a business which involves certificates, licenses and permits, and ways to save money by working from home will make me a better business person. All-in-all the information provides a guide to being a successful entrepreneur.”

-Y.D. - Georgia College

“I will be able to use the information from the medical billing course in the future in many ways. The course helped me better understand how to bill medical information and I also learned a lot of information about Tricare, which is great since I am a military spouse so I will better understand my insurance and how it works!”

-S. F. - Towson University

“In my opinion, the best part of this program was the flexibility to learn at my own pace. This allowed me to review certain subjects and videos until I felt comfortable and familiar with the topic. I’m able to use the information I gained in the course towards current work sustainability initiatives and will continue to do so in the future.”

-R. K. - Rutgers

“I will be able to use a lot from this course. It has taught me the medications I will need in the pharmacy setting as well as their side effects. The rules and regulations part prepared me for the laws I will need to know, plus the math section taught me how to convert medicines. I believe everything I learned from this course I can use as I pursue my career in the pharmacy field.”

-A. B. - Georgia Southern University

“I am a military spouse and this course was sponsored by MYCAA and Augusta State offered the class through this website with no additional cost. The best part of the class to me is that it is self-paced. When I started the class I had just become a new mother and was still learning how to balance all my time. Throughout the time I have been taking this course I went from being a stay at home mom to a part time worker to now working full time. If I was taking a traditional class it would have presented a huge scheduling problem with all the changes in my life.”

-S. J. - Augusta State University

“I plan to use the information in this course to help practices convert to EHR. I am particularly interested in systems, and making them work for the people who use them. I may be useful on the vendor side, on the sales and implementation team, and on refining the product. I liked the flexibility of studying at home and taking the on-line tests.”

-C. H. - B.O.C.E.S.

“I am already using the information I am reading and viewing. My company is on the path of sustainability, but unsure how to get there. The course is helping me understand the steps we need to go through to achieve meaningful change.”

-S. G. - Rutgers

“I plan to use this information with my current company in identifying/proposing additional areas that should be converted to improve the overall “greenness” of the company.”

-L.R. - Arizona Outreach College

“The information in this course helped me be more confident when applying for a job because I am now familiar with medical terms and abbreviations and have completed practice forms like chart notes, letters, order forms and many others that likely would be used. I have a better idea of what to anticipate in a medical office setting.”

-C.M. - Thomas Edison State College

“The best part of this program for me, a stay at home mom, is the fact that there are no 'deadline' dates. It's work at your own pace. I am a mom of 2 young kids, and I don't always have the time to do school work and study every day. I really enjoyed that I could take my tests when I wanted to.”

-S.Z. - College of Central Florida

“I work in the practice management field and many of our clients are either considering the use of an Electronic Health Record or are in the process of implementing one now. The wide base of information relating to EHRs and their use in the provider office, the depth of issues which are usually overlooked until it is too late by most practices were well covered such as; architecture (ASP vs. Client Server), implementations, and problems associated with interoperability will enhance what I can do for our clients.”

-P.E. - Rutgers

“Personally, I love being able to review the material at my convenience. Some days I simply do not have time to study and it would be difficult (even impossible) for me to attend a regular class session. I would definitely recommend an online course to my friends, family and co-workers.”

- M.K. – Greenville Technical College

“The best part about the program was the easy access to it. I never had a problem accessing the classroom or the tests. Also, whenever I had a question, they were always answered in a timely fashion and the instructors were always helpful. I would definitely recommend taking an online course to my friends and family.”

- H.A. – Georgia Regents University

“Now that I've completed my certification, I've accepted a position with an environmental nonprofit. I do believe that the certification helped to set me apart from other candidates and am glad I was able to complete the certification so quickly. Adding it to my resume is definitely a booster.”

-K.P. – Greenville Technical College